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It’s time to start getting ready to hit the streets!!!!

Hey all! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer! It’s hard to believe that it is almost half over now and soon the kids will be going back to school. Also, it won’t be long and Heidi’s newest release full of sexy vampires will be hitting the shelves.

Just wanted to give you all a few reminders about where and how to talk up this newest book…..
1. Promotion items. Heidi will be sending out bookmarks to all current and new street team members soon. Please take these to your bookstores, libraries, book groups, work and leave them everywhere!!!!!
2. Do you have a blog? Do a post about The Bite Before Christmas let folks know it’s coming!!!
3. Share your enthusiasm for Heidi’s books on Facebook, My Space, etc!!!!
4. Are you a member of an on-line readers group? Talk the book up there!!

Word of mouth (and the internet) is a great way to get people out to buy the book. Vampires are hot right now (yeah, even the sparkly ones ;-/ ) and more and more people are reading vampires and other paranormals.

Keep your eyes peeled on the HB yahoo group in the coming days for some contests with a couple of ways to win.

And by all means… up The Bite Before Christmas!! Hitting stores (and amazon and other online retailers) Sept. 28, 2010.

(and don’t forget to check out the video below–it’s hilarious!!!!)


No Emo vampires allowed!!!!

Okay–I just thought this was funny.

And btw…..80 days until the release of A Bite Before Christmas!!

For more information contact:

hb.streetteam @ yahoo . com (no spaces) and put in the message line: Heidi Betts Street Team

On Sale Now!

Must Love Vampires
(Kensington Brava, September 27, 2011)
The Bite Before Christmas
(paperback reissue)
(Kensington Brava, October 4, 2011)

Her Little Secret, His Hidden Heir

Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby

The Bite Before Christmas

Knock Me for a Loop

Loves Me, Loves Me Knot

Tangled Up in Love

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