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It’s Time to Get This Party Started!!!

Well we are almost ready to launch our first mission. Knock Me for a Loop, the third and final book in the Chicks With Sticks trilogy will be hitting store shelves in 34 days!! What does that mean for the Street Team? It means it’s time for us to start preparing to hit the bookstores, Facebook, blogs and review sites.

In a couple of weeks or so Heidi will be mailing out our tools of promotion in the form of shelf talkers and bookmarks. Once you receive those, start going to stores in your area and handing them out and tell your bookstore you want this book. Keep track of where you go and try to go back (if you can) after the book releases to see if the shelf talkers are up because occasionally the stores do forget. You can also put bookmarks in the books (and don’t forget to put them in the other two books as well). Most stores do not have a problem with you doing this. I always ask a manager first and I have only ever had one problem. Most stores are more than willing to help promote books. Also, speaking with the manager will help them get to know you and build a good relationship with them for promoting in the future.

Also, if you have a blog or write for a review site an can put up a blurb about the book and the release date so people will know to look for it. After you have had a chance to read the book and can do a review, please do so. Don’t forget to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. You can do reviews there as well.

If you are on Facebook or My Space, put a link to Heidi’s website and let everyone know you can’t wait to read this book. You can link them specifically to the page where the blurb and excerpt are.

I will be updating this blog and the Street Team Yahoo Page (member only group) more regularly so watch those locations for updates and fun things for Street Team members. Also in the next day or two I will be posting pictures of the shelf talkers and bookmarks for Knock.

If you are not currently member, we would love to have you! Just email me ctgmom86 at yahoo dot com and put Street Team in the subject line and I will get in touch with you (please give me at least 24 hours to respond).

Thanks everyone!


For more information contact:

hb.streetteam @ yahoo . com (no spaces) and put in the message line: Heidi Betts Street Team

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The Bite Before Christmas

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